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I can’t even fathom how 2021 is already almost over!! And wow, what. a year it has been! I am so excited to share with you the best of 2021! There were so many amazing opportunities, couples, families and events I was able to capture. My business really took a leap in 2021 that I will forever be grateful for.

I couldn’t help but put together a post dedicated to the memories of 2021. It’s so fun to go back through and reminisce on all of the sessions I captured during the year. I am so thankful for this job that I am able to do in capturing moments for the sweetest clients on earth (my clients!).

I hope you enjoy this blog post as it is full of many memories from 2021 including those that I never got around to posting! Including my 30th birthday extravaganza in Austin that never saw the light of day like I had planned!

I wanted to make a blog post of my amazing 30th birthday trip to Austin, but never got around to it! So I thought it would be great to share quite a few highlights from the trip on my recap of 2021! It really was the highlight of my year and every single person in these images mean SO much to me! My cousin, Michelle, arranged all of the decor for each meal and she did SUCH an amazing job. I’m trying to get her to start doing this for weddings. Any votes??

I love every single one of these people!!

Every. Single. One!

SOOO much!!

I hope you enjoyed!!

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Almost there!

I am so happy you trust me to plan all of your memories that will last a lifetime.