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Joyful Seattle Wedding | Andrea & Jacob

Being back in Washington for the third time for Andrea & Jacob’s joyful Seattle wedding was AMAZING! I absolutely love shooting in Washington and jump at each and every opportunity! Although I didn’t get to enjoy the scenery quite as much because of the rain, we still made the most of their fun day!

I’ve known both Jacob and Andrea for many years. I have known Jacob for much longer than I have Andrea, and while I am calling him Jacob in this blog post, it’s not easy! I have always known him as Daniel and any time someone says Jacob, I say “who??” So excuse me if I slip up in this blog post!

Andrea and Jacob are two of the most kind people you will ever meet! They are constantly putting others before themselves, and it was evident on their sweet wedding day. There were so many tears of joy and I myself was fighting them from behind the camera. Be sure to peep the grooms reaction seeing his bride for the first time walk down the aisle. Those emotional grooms get me every time!

The sweet, thoughtful bride that Andrea is, she had not only 1, not 2, and not 3, but 4 first looks! First with her dad & brothers, her Pastor and Pastor’s wife, Jacob’s Pastor and Pastor’s wife, as well as Jacob’s parents. All first looks were absolutely sweet! Since I try to keep my blog posts at a good length, I struggled to only choose a few images from a couple of the first looks!

It rained non stop, the ENTIRE day but Andrea and Daniel (*ahem* Jacob) took it like champs! They didn’t sweat the weather and rolled with all of the necessary changes.

I am so excited to share their joyful Seattle wedding on the blog today! Enjoy!


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