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Tips to Prepare for Your Engagement Session

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It’s time for your first photoshoot together as an engaged couple and you want to be as prepared for your session as possible! You’re scouring the internet for tips so that your images turn out to be everything you’ve dreamed of! Not only will your engagement session show the beginning of your love story, but it will also give time for you and your photographer to get to know each other before the wedding day.

As a wedding photographer, I have photographed many engagement sessions. So I’ve put together my top tips that will have you prepared for the day and looking and feeling your best for your engagement session!


Tips to Prepare for Your Engagement Session

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1. Set a Date, Time and Location

First thing to do is set a date, time and location. This is typically planned with your photographer. You can plan your engagement session anywhere from months in advance to a month before your wedding date. I suggest 3-6 months to avoid stress and last minute planning. The start time of your engagement session should be set 2 hours before sunset. This is the best time for lightning! Or, if you prefer a sunrise session, plan to start 2 hours after sunrise. When choosing an engagement session location, try to think of a place that is meaningful to you both. Be creative!


Engagement session in White Rock Lake Dallas

2. What to Wear

Choose 1-2 outfits that are flattering for your body type. Dress up as if you’re going to a wedding! Suits for the guys and flowy dresses for the girls are what I suggest! Aim for pastels and light colors such as light blues, pinks, yellows and whites. They photograph better than dark colors. And girls, wear heels! It helps your posture and brings such an elegance to your images! Make sure your outfits compliment each other, but avoid being too matchy. Lastly, focus on only one of you wearing a pattern at a time. If you wear a floral dress, your fiance should wear a solid shirt. If he wears a checkered shirt, you should wear a solid dress.


Engagement session at Rockledge Park Grapevine

3. Treat Yourself!

This is your one time to have your engagement photos done; go all out! Do more than your daily routine. Set an appointment to have your hair and nails done. If you wear make up, definitely have it done by a professional! I will be getting close ups of your hands and face, so take time to look your best!


Engagement Session at Kimbell Art Museum

4. Be on Time

Being on time is really important. I am 100% dependent on the sun and if we begin late, we will lose that amount of time during our session due to the lack of light. I realize that things happen beyond our control like massive amounts of traffic or accidents. If at all possible, try to be on time so that you don’t lose any of your shooting time and pretty sunlight!


Engagement Session at SMU Dallas

5. It’s ok to be Nervous

When you show up at your session you will most likely feel the nerves kicking in, and that’s ok! As your photographer, I will guide you into your poses and give you direction so that you never have to wonder what to do. It might feel awkward for the first 15 minutes or so, but you’ll get the hang of it. You’ll look back on it and remember how much fun it was!


Couple smiling at each other at Sherman engagement session

6. Have Fun!

Relax and trust your photographer! You’ve seen their work and you love it, so allow them to be creative and have fun! Treat it like a date night that is being documented. Share the same laughs, giggles and inside jokes with each other as you would on any other date, and your photographer will be there to capture those moments between the two of you.


Engagement session in White Rock Lake Dallas

7. Post-Session Date Night

Speaking of date night! You’re all dressed up and the night is young – turn it into a date night! This is your reward for getting over the nerves and rocking your engagement session – it’s enough to celebrate! A romantic dinner out is the best way to relax after your session!

Engagement Session at Harry S Moss Park Dallas

Engagement Session at Rockledge Park Grapevine


I hope these tips to prepare for your engagement session were helpful! If you have any more questions or are looking to book an engagement session, I’d love to chat with you!

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