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When Marta inquired with me, I received an email from her regarding the intimate backyard ceremony they had planned due to COVID canceling their Mexico wedding plans. She included photos of their 13 acre property in her email and I have to say, I was immediately in love! It included a beautiful gazebo, a putting green, large trees, and a large bricked pond with a lighted fountain. What a dream! She also explained that they were an older couple with adult children. She expressed that she understood it may be a little difficult capturing the love of an older couple. My was she wrong! As long as love is there, I can capture it! And it was such an inspiration to me to see the love between Marta & Brent.

When I arrived on their property the day of their intimate ceremony, I immediately realized that her photo’s just did not do it justice! I was greeted by her sweet daughter that showed me around the property and made me feel SO comfortable! Every single one of her friends and family that gathered for their ceremony were beyond kind and accommodating! By the end of the night, I felt like I had gained a whole new group of friends! More on that later!

Marta & Brent’s intimate backyard ceremony was one I will never forget. It will forever remain engrained in my memory. The love between these two is amazing, and I honestly felt so honored and humbled that I was able to be there to experience it and capture it. Before the wedding, Brent told me I better not take any pictures of him crying. But I had to! I couldn’t NOT capture his tears as he watched his bride walk down their flagstone path! In Marta’s email, she had mentioned a 1931 Model A car that they wanted to incorporate into their day. It was so neat to see her son drive her up the driveway in the 1931 Model A car!

Marta is a talented musician and singer who plays both guitar and piano. She played a song on her guitar and sang for Brent during their ceremony. I was honestly fighting tears myself. She played and sang beautifully, and he absolutely loved it!

After their ceremony, we went around the property capturing bride & groom portraits. They were so fun to be with! We went out in the fields near their horses then headed out to the entrance of their property to capture them near their welcome sign. We also stopped for portraits at a swing on their property that is so special to them. They love to spend time there and wanted to make sure it was included in their gallery.

The reception was no disappointment compared to the rest of the day. The speeches were beautiful, the dancing fun and the food great! By the end of the reception, I honestly was sad to leave! I don’t ever remember packing up my gear so slowly, regretting that the night had to end! Marta’s daughter would not let me leave without a plate of food for me and my assistant, and even helped me carry my things to my car! It truly could not have been a more beautiful day for Marta and Brent, and I honestly am just so honored I was able to be there to capture it!

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